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We Anugraha Siddha Varma Holistic Healing Centre are the best Natural Treatment Siddha Hospital, located at Padanthalumoodu near Kuzhithurai, we cure major diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritist, Spondylosis, Psoriasis, Neuro, Rheumatic Fever, Cervical Spondylosis, Stroke, Renal Calculi, Disc Protrusion, Disc prolapse, Disc Herniation, Contusion, Sprains, Joint Dislocations and varma related Post Traumatic complications. This vaidyasala has started in the year of 2005 by Dr.D.SURESH KUMAR Managing director and chief consultant.

Chronic Pains

Your body keeps hurting weeks, months, or even years after the injury.

varma Therapy

A kind of therapy based on vital points called varma points present in the body.


(PTSD) is an anxiety disorder caused by very stressful, distressing events.

Rheumatic fever

RF is an inflammatory disease that can cause permanent damage to the heart.

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